Joan Faye "Faye" Mixon, Class of '55

I did't graduate from BVHS. I was a member of the 1st First Grade. My brother Spencer Russell Mixon Jr. transferred from Tillenhurst School (spelling ?) Spencer would have started in the 3rd or 4th grade. We loved Baker. I remember we were not suppose to cross Victory Drive at lunch. A little friend of mine (Gloria Meyers} was going to cross at lunch time. She was struck by a car and killed instantly. I rememeber she had brother named Paul and a couple of brothers older. I remember the big ditch by the school which was out of bounds also. We waited until summer vacation to play in the ditch. I saw the "Big Ditch" a couple of months ago and it doesn't look big at all now. I've tried to look for names of friends I remember. I've found a few. I'm living in Sylacauga, Al. with my 98 year old mother. One other thing I looked for was Joyce & June Farmer {twins}. June was the first Sunday School teacher I remember.I think I saw where Joyce graduated. I did't notice June's name. I have wondered about that. This probably won't intrest anyone but it is memories I have of "Baker High School. Faye Mixon RN.

February, 2009

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