James C. "Swede" Welch, Class of '60

Me with my wife Barb. I remarried in 1993. 

After graduation from Baker I attended the University of Miami. I was married form 1965-82 and had two children. A boy, Jim Jr and a girl, Kim. I now have two grand daughters from my first marriage. Zea and Alisia. My business career has centered around the Advertising and Entertainment business and I have been involved in the co-management of several successful recording and performing acts. I remarried in 1993. My wife Barb and I reside in San Diego where I run my own Marketing business. Reviewing the names of classmates helps revive old memories and I can easily visualize nearly everyone. Notably, I remember Geri McCombs, my sponsor in ROTC, Jet and Ronnie Nixon, Buzz and Jim Healy, Jim "the stump" Dunlap, Michael Fagan, Muffin, Bobby Sherrard, Sam Leming, Paul Holmes, Paul Hutchins and so many more. (some of my friends graduated in 59 and some later). I attended Columbus High School before seeing the light and coming over to Baker. So, I had friends there too, although in those days there was alot of teenage angst and mistrust of those who attended other schools. But, none the less, Hank Holton and Sam McDowell were two people I wanted to mention. It would be nice to do a little "back to the future" style time transport and revisit those days. Too bad I couldn't have been at the 40th reunion.

May, 2002

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