Dorothy Ann Watley (Hatchell), Class of '62

I loved basketball and sports. However, girls did not have school teams then. My son is a varsity basketball and football player in high school and he cannot believe that it was that way back then.

I have been married 33 years to my first husband, Mike. He is my best friend. We have two sons. One is 17 (senior in high school) and the other one is 27. He is a commerical real estate broker. I have a home office. I do marketing to find employment for people with disabilities. Some cannot read and some have college degrees. My husband retired from the military as a Major. We did some traveling and settled in Albuquerque with all the other Hatchells. He is self-employed in construction and real estate. My desire or ambition is to travel all over Alaska. Especially the Alaskan Highway. My Mom, two sisters and two brothers still live in Columbus. I enjoy family more than anything.

July, 1997

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