Shirley Neves (Corbin), Class of '63

About-Baker: I was a transfer student from Ft.Benning, coming in from South Carolina. I was there only there a year and 1/2; so did not have time to get into any clubs. The thing I most enjoyed at Baker was that we didn't feel out of place, I felt that I belong the school. I guess that was that most of the kids were military and most of us were in the same boat so to speak.

After-Baker: married the year I graduated to a serviceman, we went on to have two children,we divorced in 1983 and I then married a Texan. He has three children by his first marriage, so between us we have 5 children and the 12th grandchild is on it's way. I did not work most of my first marriage, went to work for the school system in Columbus,Ga. then moved back to Texas in 1976. I them went to work for a manufacture of theater and school funiture. They went out of business in '86, had several jobs until the one I am presently employed at. I work for a corrugated box company in the position as A/P for one of their plants. As for the future,just to be able to retire and hopeflly to be able to travel, do some sewing, crochet and various other crafts. And to meet more of Baker graduates.

April, 2001

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