Carolyn Lee Simms (Remencus), Class of '63

I played clarinet in the band from 1960-1963. My most memorable moment was getting thrown out of the band the last week of school in 1963 for not showing up in uniform for a picture. My really good friends were Margaret Shelton, Gene Montgomery, and Francis Appell.

I had a wonderful marriage to Woodford "Woody" Remencus for 23 years. He passed away in August of 1998 (just after a Baker reunion in 1998), and I've been a widow since. We were leaving Atlanta on a flight to Chicago, when he went into cardiac arrest and died. He had such a good time at the reunion, dancing and talking to everyone. He had been ill for many years, and I was glad he had such a good time before he passed away. I spent 34 yrs in civil service working for the Air Force. I received my degree in 1984, after going to classes at nights and weekends.I retired at the end of 2001. I have 3 great stepchildren, and two wonderful grandchildren, Sharron Kay (13 yrs) and Chase Austin (5 yrs). Woody and I traveled and did a lot of things. I really enjoyed my job with the government. But life has it's own ways of throwing those curves at a person. My father died in August 2001, and now my elderly mother lives with me. It is an honor to take care of the person who gave me life, as she comes to the end of her life.

February, 2002

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