Corliss Ruth Cornett (Harris), Class of '64

Time flies! Much has happened between 1964 and the present; I'll attempt to put the highlights in a paragraph or two. I moved from Georgia to Arkansas, got married at 19, had my son at 20, moved to Southern California and became an Orange County resident for 26 years...loved it! Explored various venues of employment which included a few years in the tv/movie industry - that was exciting and definitely an experience. Returned to college at 43 and graduated with a degree in Communicative Disorders from CSU Fullerton in 1992..nothing is ever too late! In 1991 I remarried, moved north to Sonoma County and embraced the wine country like a duck to water. I've been married, divorced, married, and widowed and presently enjoy a wonderful relationship with a man I met three years ago. I recently retired from a job working with developmentally disabled adults. Presently I travel a bit, and will be trekking through Columbus, Ga on my way to Florida the end of April (2006). My plans include travel, keeping up with friends and family, expanding my artistic endeavors and searching for the perfect Pinot Noir!

April, 2006

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