Michael Reed Shirley, Class of '64

Football, Baseball, and Track at Baker.

One of the best memories has to be Oscar P. when he paddled Coby Kirkland. Coby got to the drinking fountain just outside the lunch room before his knees buckled. Another fond memory was Coach Sam and his dog Mike. How about the time that our senior class president busted the crackerball in Mr. Hardy's Physical Science class.

Another very fond memory was Daritha Andrews. She had the lead in the King and I. I played her son. She was a senior and I was a freshman. Wow!!!

After graduating I went to CC for a while before joining the Air Force. It was either that or get drafted. I spent 8 years in uniform with 3 years in Key West, FL before going to Tyndall AFB at Panama City, FL. The next assignment was Murphy Dome, Alaska. Only the military can do those kind of things to a person.

After I seperated from the service, I finally got by BBA from East Texas State University (Industrial Management -1978).

I curently work for the Department of the Army as a computer systems analyst. I'm getting ready to retire soon - real soon if the right opportunity comes along.

I am married with two children. My son Ron is nearing 30 and my daughter Abby will be 14 in Jan. I've been married for 31 years. I tried to tell all those high school dates I was a stable kind of guy.

What ever happened to Libby Norris, Jerry Blassingame, and Vicky Bailey?

September, 1997

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