Julie Alicea, Class of '65

Julie with daughter Loren 

Hello to all that remember me. I was at Baker in 1964 (Junior Class), I did not get to graduate with the class of 65 because my father had just come back from Viet-Nam and had to retire due to his medical condition (he was a Green Beret), so off we went to his native Puerto Rico. I was so traumatized by that move, I probably should write a book about it. I loved BHS and cried like a baby when I had to move, which meant starting my Senior year at a new High School were I did not know anybody. I did quickly get to know my new Senior Class members since there were only 14 kids in the Graduating class. I got so sick at looking at all of their faces every day, all 14 of them! I graduated and came back to the USA and went to a small college in Maryland, now that was incredibly boring, made me wish I were back in Puerto Rico with the 14 kids. After 2 years of freezing my behind off there, I moved to New Orleans. I went to school there for one year at Tulane U., I met my husband there and and had my children there. I stayed married for 11 years and divorced, I then met husband No. 2 and am happily married to this day. I live in a swamp between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and love the country life. My husband is retired and I am now retired myself. I worked with battered women for the last 8 years and I still do volunteer work at the courthouse. My two kids are my pride and joy. My son Daniel is a Doctor (anesthesiologist), he worked with a group in Austin, TX and decided to do a Fellowship at Emory Uiversity in Atlanta, he will be there for a year and then he plans on going back to Austin. My daughter Loren is a registered nurse working with a pediatrician in what is left of New Orleans. She loves her job and she is my very best friend. Both kids are still single, much to my disappointment, I just can't wait to be a grandma, maybe it will happen one day. I sure did miss some of you, especially Sharon Smith, who was my buddy in crime. I also wonder what ever happened to Harold Lane, my first love, and Mr. Lambert my Spanish teacher, we called him Mr. "Lamberto". Where is Jonie Mellilo, Joann Hart (my first French kiss was in her pool, I almost threw up), June Zamecnik (remember the railroad tracks and Headless Hattie). Well if anyone remembers and wants to get in touch, write me at juliealicea@msn.com

October, 2005

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