Rosalind "Roz" Andrews (Owen), Class of '65

Roz Andrews, 1965 

Baker was such a huge school, I felt lost when I first entered as a freshman. Some of my Jr High classmates were there, and after returning from Carmel, I would occasionally see Lynn Valentine, Harold Lane and David McClain from Rupert Nunnelly’s 8th grade class. (Lost track, though, last names being as they are, of some of the girls: Helen Wilson, Sarah Kendrick, Evelyn McBee.)

But high school was great. I wish I had continued writing instead of trying to get the hang of it at this late date. Thanks to Robert Liebendorfer and Ruth Pulliam, (and Ms Springer in 8th grade) I remember a few things.

When I returned to Baker, I found my niche in the Thespians with Donna Remmert and Byron Grant and started getting interested in design. We had great productions and great cast parties.

Terry Bryant and I dated our Junior and Senior yrs. He was as steady a boyfriend as I was allowed at Baker.

I did a publicity stunt on horseback then, for the opening of Camelot homes, Bob Brown casting director and photographer. I was in costume, pointy hat and all, when my horse reared up. I think that may have been one of my most memorable moments: it wasn’t in the ‘script’.

I received a BFA from UGA, worked @ Benning in 1969, spent the summer of '71 at UGA Cartography Dept drafting maps for the State Legislature. I worked at Leslie Advertising Agency in Greenville NC as an artist and account production manager then returned to Athens as Designer for Ga Ctr for Continuing Ed, Art Director at WGTV, and Art Coordinator at SE Color Lithographers, moved to Florida with husband and new baby.

Tarpon Springs 5/80 - freelance for Photosystems, theater posters for TS Chamber. Tampa - volunteer work, a lot of church and school stuff- fund-raising genius... taught night school: graphics for video, freelance for several companies, business design and continued course work at Int Academy of Design. I've taken creative writing classes at Emory and here in Florida.

My daughter is completing her last year of med school.

June, 2006

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