Treesa Colley (Holland), Class of '65

Treesa Colley, 1965  

After having been away from Alaska for almost 10 years, I am back! I'm a grandmother of two now, and it was very hard to be away from my Alaskan grandchildren. So, I've dusted off my skis and snowshoes and am enjoying the long winters here. My husband, Guy, and I live near the Kenai River, world famous for it's salmon runs, and spend the summers fishing and hiking the surrounding mountains. We love it for now, but who knows where our gypsy urges will lead us next!

December, 2004

Treesa's e-mail address: gtholland at gci dot net    Contact information for Treesa Baker Lions only

More Pictures

Treesa at the 1995 Reunion.
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Here's Treesa (second from left) with Carol Woods Allmond, Dorris Ann Blevins Gray and Jeannie Penny Sweeney at the 1995 Reunion of the Class of '65.

And here's nearly the same picture, taken ten years earlier. Left to right are Treesa, Suzanne McCain Young, Jeannie, and Dorris Ann at the 1985 Reunion of the Class of '65
Treesa at the '85 Reunion
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Treesa Colley Holland and husband Guy
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summer 2004

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