Wilson Grier, Class of '65

Wilson Grier, 1965 
At home, 2004. 
Eastern Michigan University, 1967. 
Halloween fun, 2002 
Flying to the Bahama's for fun. 
At work, 2004. 

September, 2005

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Wilson Grier & Oscar P. Boyles, Bums 2000 reunion.
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Bum's 2000: Joyce Harper Wells, Dudley Wells, and Wilson Grier
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Bum's 2000: Class of '65 members.
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Ed Kirkland on Baker tour, Bum's 2000.
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Patty Crowe, Cheerleader 1965, and Wilson Grier
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Wilson Grier, wife Penny, and Ed Kirkland with wife Doris.
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Wilson Grier, English Teacher Caroline Pruitt, and Ed Kirkland.
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Dudley Wells having a senior moment at Bum's 2000.
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Wilson Grier and wife Penny, Bum's 2000
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Winterfield Elementary Reunion (all Baker '65 members). Honored guess is Virgil Hughey, Coach of the Rockets.
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Bum's 2000 reunion
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