Cynthia Pippin (Rutledge), Class of '65

Cynthia Pippin (Rutledge), 1965 

About-Baker: The people were the best part of my school days - having started 1st grade and graduating from the same school was a wonderful experience. I was able to meet and associate with many who had been to different places and were able to share with classmates the ups and downs of being in the military and having lived many unique places. Also enjoyed going to sporting events, sock-hops, plays and other school events. It was great being able to always find my way around the school and also being able to help others who need "directions".

After-Baker: I am know single, have three daughters; Michelle - 30, twins: Katrina and Kathryn - 24. Three grandsons: Trey - 9, Matthew - 6, William - 15mos. I work for AFLAC for 14 years before moving to Locust Grove in 1991 and then to McDonough (about 10 miles closer to Atlanta) in 1998. I now work for a custom cabinet maker. I like to spend time with the grandchildren, walking on the beach (when the opprotunity is available), watchiing detective shows on television (TLC, Discovery, etc.), movies, and sometimes just being by myself with a good book.

June, 2001

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