Kathy Omelanuk (Agar), Class of '66

Kathy Omelanuk, 1966The picture is from Richmond Academy, where Kathy graduated after transferring from Baker. 

Kathy writes: I served on the annual and newspaper staffs and was secretary of the junior class. It would be hard to select a "most memorable moment" at Baker, but maybe it was the time Mr. Boyles announced over the infamous P.A. system: "Will whoever stole the iron ball off the wrecking crane please report to my office!" I believe that moment is commemorated in the annual of 1965. There is a photo of Oscar P. swinging from said ball and chain and a shadow drawing of the crane by Awilda Otero. Then there was the moment during a late-night picture lay-out session that Bob Blaney and I decided to "accidentally" leave Coach "Bubba" Ball's picture out of the annual. Go ahead. Check. It's not in there in '65. And how about that special April Fools edition of the Lion's Roar with 'authentic' photos of Baker R.O.T.C. students being loaded on a rubber raft and sent to Viet Nam. I still have a copy of that paper (and others) if anyone wants a xerox.

I have a masters in English from Valdosta state and I am completing a Ph.D. in english from UGA. I am divorced, have two daughters, Rachel 24 and Sarah 14. I have lived in Georgia, Chicago, Richmond and Washington, D.C., before moving to Chadron, Nebraska. Because there was a tenure-track job here, okay? My current ambition is to get this ***!!!!! dissertation finished before I die.

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Sarah, Rachel, and Kathy.
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Here are Kathy and her daughters at Christmas, 1996. That's Rachel on the left, Sarah in the middle.

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