Sheldon Reyher, Class of '66

About-Baker: Primarily tried to stay out of trouble and get finished with school. I was a Captain in ROTC and Terry Shores was my sponsor. Most, if not all, my favorable memories center around the ROTC gang and the parties/gatherings/picnics we would have. I guess there was no single memorable moment that stands out other than the day we put a playboy foldout on one of the draw-down maps in Civics class and got the teacher to pull the map down to answer a question. We thought we were in for it at first, but later he admitted it was a pretty good prank.

After-Baker: Since leaving Baker, my family moved to Mobile, Alabama, where I tried junior college for awhile and flunked out. I knew I was in for the draft, so I went to the army recruiter and found out about the Warrant Officer flight program. Joined the army, completed flight school (helicopter) and spent fourteen months in Vietnam. Managed to come out of the war relatively unscathed and was transferred to Ft. Hood, Texas. Was given the choice of a direct commission in the infantry or an early out. Since Cambodia had just started getting big, I opted for the early out. Became a civilian flight instructor, taught Air Force trainees priomary flight until the program consolidated near San Antonio, and then went back to school and got a degree. Worked as an engineering technician until about twelve years ago when I started working as an environmental scientist. During all this activity, I also got married, had a daughter, who has gotten married and blessed us with a spirited grandaughter. I invite all who remember me and would like to correspond via e-mail to contact me. Of all the friends I have made over the years, I still remember my Baker friends the best and most fondly.

November, 2000

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