Elizabeth "Beth" George (Graham), Class of '67

About-Baker: I was on the Lion's Roar staff (editor my senior year), in the National Honor Society and in the Lionbackers. Tried out for Dandy Lions but never made it; also spent a good deal of time trying out for plays but not making that cut either. I loved football and basketball games and especially remember the time we went to State in basketball but lost the finals. I also thought the school plays and musicals were great, even if they wouldn't let me be in any. My most memorable moment was getting to be one of the speakers at graduation.

After-Baker: Moved back to Texas the month after graduation because my dad took a position teaching at Texas Tech, which I also attended, graduating in 1971. I am now Public Information Officer for the San Antonio Public Library and love it. I am married and have two GREAT stepkids, Matthew, 16, and Katie, 13. I like reading and riding (no horse of our own yet, but Katie and I both take lessons in dressage. Katie's ahead of me - she's already starting to jump.) My ambitions are to 1) get that horse; 2) get the house added on to so we don't all fall all over each other; and 3) to travel more. Glad to have found @Baker!

February, 2002

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