Mary Matthews, Class of '67

About-Baker: I was only at Baker for a year and a half I had many friends at Baker one of the most memorable times the short time I was there.In 1968 I married another Baker student Roy Campbell He also had a brother that was killed in Viet Nam in 1968 his name was George Campbell. Roy was in ROTC during his years at Baker.His brother George was on the Freshman football teamin 1963.I keep in touch with a couple of our school mates . MaryI married Roy Campbell in 1968

After-Baker: I married Roy campbell in 1968 were still married we have three grown children and 6 grand children. Roy was in the military for 26 years retired from the military and moved to Florida. He works for the state corrections(prison) I have my own business between the jobs and the grandkids we stay pretty busy Havent been able to enjoy the things we moved to florida to do well not as much as we want to . We both love to fish boating also snorkling is a lot of fun to.Roy plays golf not as much as he likes too. we do get out every chance we get.Our ambition is to be able to retire retire and do all those fun things we came here to do.

March, 2001

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