Pamela Powell (Williams), Class of '68


After-Baker: Kept up with a lot of you.... and time for an update in July 2007 for the rest of you. BA from Columbus College and M.Ed from GSU. Taught at Eddy until moving to Chicago. From 1982 until 2001, ran the business end of now ex's medical practice. Live outside Atlanta (several of you have been here for the "Gatherings"). My youngest son (age 20)lives, works and goes to school in Atlanta. His 2 older brothers are in their late here, one (married and teaching) in suburban Chicago. Enjoying the single life with friends and family visiting often. Hobbies include collecting kaleidoscopes, singing in two choirs, traveling, playing piano, reading with my book club, Stephen Ministry and loving on my two granddaughters. I enjoyed Delta-Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, English Club, NHS, FTA, Lionbackers and Chorus. Only time I skipped school was NHS induction day for lunch (with mom's knowledge). Sheesh, I was such a goody My youngest looks at my annuals and comments on how beautiful all the girls were...I tell him we still are!!!! Right, gals? Isn't it great we still like one another as adults and choose to spend time together? Go Lions!!!!


July, 2007

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