Terry Juskowiak, Class of '69

At Baker, I was in the Student Council, sports and a host of other civic club activities.

Memorable moment: Trying to get out of Macon Georgia with the plastic full size LION in my Dad's new station wagon with the Macon fans throwing rocks at the car since the Baker football team won the game.

Graduated from The Citadel in '73. Married in '74. Master's degree from FIT in '81. Three children. Oldest two (sons) are now attending North Georgia College in Dahlonega Ga. Youngest is a daughter in 10th grade. Wife is self em ployed. I am a Brigadier General in the Army. Reassigned to Norfolk, Virginia in June 97 as the J4, Director of Logistics at U.S. Atlantic Command. Recently returned from 7+ (great?) months in the Bosnian theater of operations.

September, 1997

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