Douglas W. "Woody" Hayes, Class of '70

I grew up in Benning Hills, attended Benning Hills Elementary, Eddy Jr.High and Baker, however graduating from Oconee County High School in Watkinsville (near Athens, GA). Like most, we were a military family. I had two older brothers (Bill & Jim) and a sister (Susan) who all attended and graduated from Baker. After high school I attended college in Alabama only to wind up joining the Army during my freshman year. I was a medic (and Sergeant) and was stationed in Okinawa, Thailand and ended up at Ft. Bragg, NC. I got out of the Army in December 1974, went back to college in Alabama (University of Montevallo), graduated with a B.S. in Political Science in 1978. Went to work for the Republican Party, managed campaigns and ended up working for Senator Jeremiah Denton (R) AL. Throughout this time I went to law school for a couple of years, went to work for the University of Georgia School of Law as Assistant Director of Admissions and later Oklahoma City University School of Law as Dean of Admissions. Got out of politics and university administration, set up an advertising agency and ended up in the mortgage business in Mobile, Alabama. My wife, Sarah, and I live in Daphne, Alabama, just acoss the bay from Mobile. I have a son, Brian who is 26, two daughters, Elizabeth 23 and Emily 20. Many, may good memories of Baker and growing up in Columbus. Some painful memories of Baker too, like getting busted by Oscar "P" for smoking in the bathroom. selling "contraband" out of my locker (candy bars, cokes, gum, and even some cigarettes) and leaving campus only to return to find Oscar "P" waiting behind the Dairy Queen with his paddle! I look forward to attending the 35th reunion in October!

September, 2005

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