Jesse "Ray" Gunn, Jr., Class of '71

April 2002 

About-Baker: I have great memories from Baker. I played in the band, we had great trips to Gator Bowl and Sugar Bowl and local football games. Senior year in DCT and I played on the tennis team.

After-Baker: After graduation I started working at The Medical Center in the Data Processing Department. I married Denise Courtney (CHS 1972) in 1975 and we are still together after 30 years. Denise is a first grade teacher and loves it. We moved to Philadelphia, PA in the Spring of 1978 and transferred back to the Atlanta area in early 1980 and have been here since. I have a daugther Ashley (26) and son Daniel (22) who are both seniors at University of West Georgia. I am still in the Healthcare Information System business as I have been for the last 25+ years.

Denise's family still lives in Columbus so we get back there often.

My father, Jesse Gunn, who taught at Eddy Junior High, died in 1994 at the age of 86.

I like to play golf when possible. Denise and I work in the yard and try to "not kill" various plants, shurbs and trees.

November, 2005

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