Rick F. "Ricky" Popple, Class of '71

About Baker: I didn't do much at Baker, truth is, I was lucky to graduate. Looking back, I was a pretty strange kid, but I did enjoy my four years at Baker. After Baker: I went into the Army for three years, did some growing up. When I got out I spent four great years at the University of Georgia. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. While at UGA I worked at the school newspaper illustrating articles. That helped me land a job at the Atlanta Journal & Constitution . Ten years working at the Atlanta Journal turned me into a pretty good artist. I left the AJC to be Art Director for a New York Times regional newspaper, that lasted 2 years. I've been self employed ever since (fourteen years) doing computer graphics and water colors working over my garage. Business has been good. I am happily married with two boys. I enjoy being a father and have a wonderful wife. For those who might of known my sister, Betty Popple- class of 1967, she died of cancer last November. She was 53. To my Baker Buddies, I hope life has been good to you, drop me an e-mail if you are able too. If you are interested in my art work please visit my web site: poppleprints.com

January, 2008

Ricky's e-mail address: bpopple22 at aol dot com    Contact information for Ricky Baker Lions only

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