Pam Herston (Leonard), Class of '72

I was a Dandy Lion while at Baker High School. I was also on the "Lions Roar" staff, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, March Of Dimes, Anchor Club, and Future Teachers of America. Most memorable was sitting in the window of the second floor, looking out at the courtyard and talking to Bernard! The race riots and fire would have to be next. Coming back from lunch to find the Vice Principal in the parking lot was a pretty scarey moment. Other memorable moments include sock hops, going to New Orleans with the band for New Years parade, the Krystal, parties at Chelzie's house, the ice cream parlor, and football games.

I went to summer school the summer of 71 and graduated a year early so I missed my senior year.

Bernard and I both graduated from the University of Georgia. We married in 1995 and moved to Enterprise, Alabama, where he worked for ConAgra, then became president of Southland Broilers. I worked for a medical clinic there as an accounting manager, and taught business classes at the Junior College at night. We lived there for 17 years. We moved to Albertville, Alabama for 3 years then to Bentonville, Arkansas, where we are now. We have 3 children. Derek, a senior in high school, Andrea, a sophomore, and Allison in 8th grade. I have coached soccer (11 years), been in PTA, Scouting (boys and girls), Confirmation teacher, head chauffeur, chief cook and bottle washer for ever! Now my main job is looking for some good scholarships for Derek, who starts to college next year.

August, 1997

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