Perry Lopez, Class of '72

Played football, socialized, made lasting friendships even learned a few things that I used in college. I was an army brat, like most people at Baker. I lived on post so most of my runnin' buddies were from Ft. Benning. I enjoyed the sex, drugs and rock & roll the most - Baker was years ahead of any other school in that subject.

I was transferred to Carver High in my last year for political reasons beyond my control and without my consent. But it turned out ok. If anyone sees Mike Wheaton tell him to contact me. He knows where I am. Or, if he lost my address, his dad knows where I am. Same with Sandy Fish. They both still owe me a beer.

After high school I went to college until the money ran out, then I went into the Navy, saw the world, got VA and finished college when I got out. I'm currently working for Muscogee County School District as a Systems Programmer. We have an IBM mainframe and several hundred micros on a wide area network that I keep up with. I'm tired of typing - see ya.

See above.

August, 1997

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