Pedro Dominguez, Class of '73

My years at Baker at times seem like a blur - one year I was a naive freshman and soon the years passed by quickly to graduation day. Yet, I had many memories that stood out - sock hops, football games (who could forget those obnoxious CHS students), the auditorium burning.

Yet the thing that stands out more is the friends I made and the attachment that we have for this high school - as evidenced by this website, which I stumbled on by accident. My years at Baker included the English Club, National Honor Society, Student council and a few other activities I don't remember.

Graduated from Georgia Tech in 1977 with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and currently working on my Masters in Astrophysics at Johns Hopkins University. I lived in Atlanta until 1992 when I moved to Baltimore. Currently, I'm a partner in a consulting engineering firm.

August, 1997

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