Dorothy Ethridge (Thorn), Class of '73

What did I do at BHS? Count the days until graduation like most everyone else I suppose. I do hope other people enjoyed those years....I remember a lot of riots, racially motivated fights, the auditorium burning down (arson)....and a sit-in for a biology teacher who was fired.....good memories? Sorry, can't think of any right now. Except for the day I graduated. The good memories started after I left BHS...after many years of being married I am now a single parent, and two great daughters(19 and 11). I'm realizing the goals I never had when I was 18. I live just down the highway from the living in Florida and am now self-employed. Did BHS help me get here? Maybe, but I wouldn't want to spend another four years there. :)

April, 1998

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