Heidi Allen (Williams), Class of '75

Hi I am on the right. Comedian Steve Brown in the middle and our sales lady for Magic.I work for Magic 98.3 and Sunny 100 Clear Channel Radio. This picture was taken at the comdey show. Visit Magic website at www.magic98online.com 

After graduation I went to school at Columbus Tech. Graduated in business. Worked for Columbus Police Department for a while in records. Then tried my hand in the medical field. Worked at the Medical Center. Moved to Atlanta worked there in the medical field. Moved back to Columbus and I haved worked in radio for the last 6 years. I have 2 childern. A boy and a girl. Married twice and divorced.

March, 2004

Heidi's e-mail address: heidiwilliams at clearchannel dot com    Contact information for Heidi Baker Lions only

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