Louann Angulo (Bishop), Class of '75

Louann says mostly she got into trouble....:-)....but enjoyed the people at Baker the most!!

Louann still works at Ft. Benning . Divorced again...gosh..and have 3 wonderful children...Lucas is 24 now..about to graduate with his Masters...thank the lord!!( and i am not a grandmother yet) Kasey is 11...and a true pre-teen...cheerleading and enjoying life.. and my Michealanne is 8 and is my soccer champ....Yeah..I am a soccer mom at 46...and love it! I fought cancer in 99 and have been cancer free for 4 years now...always was a fighter..LOL Arnie and family doing real good... Life is good....contact us...love to hear from any and all.

February, 2004

Louann's e-mail address: LB100457 at aol dot com    Contact information for Louann Baker Lions only

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