Don Cook, Class of '75

Greetings: I retired from the military after 24 years in 1999. I am currently attending the University of Phoenix and work as an independent agent with AFLAC. I have been married to my spouse Denise for 25 years. Denise graduated from Columbus High in 1977. Denise is a nurse and is in private practice with her sister Dr. Deborah Daniels (Carver 73). We have 3 sons, Christopher 23, Joshua 18, and Brian 16. I have had the pleasure of working with a number of Baker High teachers on different community boards. It has been a very positive experience to get to know many of the our teachers and those who were adults when we were in school a second time around. May God keep you and your family in his grace. Don

June, 2005

Don's e-mail address: doncook at doncook dot org    Contact information for Don Baker Lions only

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Don & Denise Christmas 2004
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Ms. June Bradford (Ball Queen- 1974) Don Cook
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Baker HS ROTC Ball- 1974
Front:June Brandford- Don Cook

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