Pamela Faye Howell, Class of '80

Pamela Faye Howell, 1996 

I started working in food service (didn't we all?) my sophomore year. I worked for Davis Brothers until 82. I then worked as a nanny/housekeeper while attending college ( I never did graduate) until 85. I started working in Retail in 85 & I've been there ever since. I worked at JCPenney's 7 years. I'm currently at Mansour's in Columbus as a Department Manager.

I did go to the 10 year reunion. It was fun!! I still talk to Liz Rogers occasionally. We were thick as thieves at Baker. Never married. No children unless you count my toy poodle Picard. I travel a little. I went on a cruise in 91 to Mexico. I flew for the first time in 95...all the way to Australia!! I was there for 3 glorious weeks. My next trip will be to Alaska and Canada in 98.

August, 1997

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Here's Pam with Picard.

And here is Pam with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background, taken during her trip to Australia.
Pam in Australia.
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