Ramona "Mona" Rivera (Vega), Class of '86

Hi Everyone, I left Columbus in 1987 and moved to Florida with Edwin Vega who I started dating in our 11th grade year. We married two years later in 1989 and are still together. We have two kids and a home and both of us work and have a good life, so I can't complain. Our families have since moved from Georgia so we have never been back to Columbus. We sometimes wonder what has happened to all our friends, and discuss going back to check out our old stomping grounds-just never have. I still remember all of my old friends from school and I can't believe how fast time has flown by. My family is still very into the Military as I have a few who have served in the Gulf War and now have 3 brothers who are in Iraq. Ed has some of his family in Naples and Fort Myers Florida and the some have moved back to New York. I have tried to look for my old friends Bernard Shelling, Yonita Mills, Tony Toson...wow the list is long. Hope all are well and having a wonderful life as I am-God Bless!! Mona

August, 2005

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