Jeff Griffin, Class of '87

I am living back in the Columbus area now, I have lived in Oklahoma, Colorado and Idaho. Most recently Idaho, which is an absolutely wonderful place to live but it is a LONG way from home and family, which is ultimately why I moved back. After high school, I tried going to college, but I really wasn't ready for it yet, and dropped out during my first quarter. Then I tried every means to make a decent living without going to college, Its almost like I had to prove it couldn't be done. After 9 years of working in restaurants, warehouses, sales and even truck driving, I decided I'd had enough and committed myself to going back to school. So I ended up going to Columbus Tech to learn about computers. Now I am a software developer and network adminstrator for the city of Columbus, it is very interesting work. Personally, I started dating Sabrina Morlock right after high school and we have been together since then. We have 3 wonderful kids and most of my time is devoted to being the father to them that I never had.

September, 2002

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My daughter Alyssa (on right) and her best friend Erica (my adopted daughter)

me at work
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Jeff & Jeff Jr. At the Atlanta Falcons Game
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Me and My youngest daughter Jenna at Amicolola falls
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Jeff Jr.

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