Randy Hilton Stinson, Class of '87

The memories that pop up when I think about high school were the incredible friends that I grew up with. I like to give a "shoutout" to Cathy, Gene, James, Jennifer, Sandra, Ginger, Vicky and especially Jeff and Rebecca oh and big props to Coach Liner. I should have done a better job keeping in touch through the years.

Served an 8 year tour with the U.S. Navy and now presently working as Systems Administrator for Per-Se Technologies in the ATL!

January, 2006

Randy's e-mail address: randy dot stinson at ndchealth dot com    Contact information for Randy Baker Lions only

More Pictures

Ash and I in Rome ringing in the new year
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Second favorite next to UGA.
Nebraska Home Game
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Big Apple!
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Valentines in Rockefeller Plaza NYC

One of the pretties places on earth.
Lake Milton, Minnesota
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Honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera
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They say Pittsburgh has one of the prettiest skylines. I am a believer
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All grown up
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My Daughter Courtney 13 years old. Man time flies

My brother Robert and Sister Sherry. All Baker family.
Stinson Clan
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My Southern Belle
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My wife Ashleigh and I

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