Maurice Jones, Class of '88

Hello everyone. Where do I start. I am currently in the Navy for my second stint stationed in Okinawa, Japan as a Hospital Corpsman-Surgical Technician. I am married to Teresa Bailey-Jones, with two kids Devon Marquise 9, and Maya Zhane' 1. My fondest memories of Baker outside of playing sports were the day to day stuff we use to do with each other while we change classes. I really knew alot of people in this class because we really grew up together from like the 3rd grade to high school. My friends are like my brothers Trevor, Brad, Clark, JJ, Steve, Reggie, Cordell, the whole football team. Miss all of you guy's and really would like to keep up with this class. I will work on my site and put some pics on my page. I think I finally got things right!! Most Dependable 1988 I woman would go through fire and water for such a kind heart!!

April, 2006

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