Charles W. "Chip" Kankel, Class of '88


I received a BA in History and a BS in Computer Science from CSU. I've been working at TSYS in Columbus as a programmer for the last 8 years. I'm planning on starting graduate school in Auburn next year to work on my Doctorate in History then perhaps teach part time. My wife, who I had been with for sixteen years, passed away last year (2004) after a long illness so I'm just kinda taking things easy this year. Picked my guitar back up and I'm back to playing in a local band for fun. Became an Ebay junkie collecting guitars for the past few years as you can see from the picture. Ain't there a Betty Ford clinic for this kinda stuff?

May, 2005

Chip's e-mail address: ckankel at bellsouth dot net    Contact information for Chip Baker Lions only

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