Steffinie Ann Jones, Class of '89

Same as High School, just a lot older, I have some grey hair now. 

I was kind of the hidden one in High School. I hung out with Peter Bagarella, Jeff Griffin, Sabrina Morlock, Paul Hill and several others that didn't seem to fit in anywhere else. Kept my friendship with Jeff and Sabrina for several years, got married in 1991, divorced in 1999 with no kids.(Jerry Springer type thing) Moved to Massachusetts in '99, been here ever since. Gave birth to a beautiful little girl in 2001, Gabryel Madisen. She's everything to me. Mom and dad came to MA in 2001 and I take care of mom now (she's in a wheelchair). Had a fight with cervical cancer in 2002 after my daughter was born, but it's all gone and I'm doing awsome in the health area now. Focusing on being a mommy and daughter. That's my life, pretty much the same it was in High School, low key and living under the radar.

January, 2006

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This is my Gabbie and our long haired Chi Pepe.
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My daughter and my son.

Mommy and daughter at the studio.
4th of July '05
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