Paulette Angel Brodie (Colon), Class of '91

Me and my beautiful gems! My daughters are my world! 
My sweet little sunshines! Mia (left) and Maya (right). 
Us being loving and silly! 

Currently: After HS, I attended Southern Tech in Marietta, double majoring in architecture and computer science. After college, I lived in Washington, DC and Manhattan (NYC). In November 2004, I moved to Chicago, with my now ex-husband. I have twin daughters who were born in April of 06' and they are my world. Being a mother is by far the greatest blessing I've ever received and I'm thankful and humbled every day! I use to work as a Deputy CIO for the Dept of Commerce before the commute became too much to bear. Now, I work as a software application developer and work mostly from home. I also run two side businesses related to IT development and attend Kaplan University online in pursuit of my MBA.

I have reconnected with many old friends and classmates (HS and college/undergrad) on So if you have an account, look for me! I rarely visit GA except to see my parents once or twice a year on Holidays but I don't really stick around for long. At any rate, I would love to hear from old friends so feel free to email and God Bless...

December, 2008

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