Sandra Sunnette Brazile, Class of '92

Baker merged with Caver High. 
At the Bikers ball in Louisville, KY. 
Keora Brazile 13 yrs 
Terrance Brazile 14yrs 
Jade' Grooms 11yrs (Brian Grooms Daughter) 

About-Baker: I became a Baker Lion Backer during the 1988-89 school year. I was apart of the Allied Health Club, and an alternate for the color guards. Every moment that I spent at Baker was a memorable one. Through the good times and the bad the school spirit was always around. I would have loved to graduate from my home school, but unfortunately with the merging of Baker and Carver that just didn't happen. In my heart I will always sing: Baker hail to thee!

After-Baker: I have four children, two young men, Marion 15, Terrance 14 and two lovely daughters, Keora 13, and Jade' 11. I have an Associates Degree in Surgical Technology, and I am also an AMT Certified Phlebotomist. I hope life has been well for each and every one of you, and maybe I'll see some of you ladies and gentlemen around. TAKE CARE!!!!!

August, 2007

Sandra's e-mail address: cherish2perish at aol dot com    Link to Sandra's Web page     
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