About the Index

There is a list of names for the faculty and a separate list for each class year. People who attended Baker but did not graduate are listed with the class with which they would have graduated had they continued at Baker. You can choose to browse the list or search it for a specific name. If you browse a list, you can skip around rapidly by selecting one of the letters at the beginning of each alphabetic section.

Women's Names are alphabetized by maiden name with given names following. The married name, if known, follows in parentheses. You can search on either married name or maiden name and get the same result.

Searching for a Name: If you select Search for a specific name you will be given a block in which to type all or part of a name. Selecting "Search" after typing a search key will return any record which contains the key you typed anywhere within it. Sometimes this will give surprising results. For example, a search key of "Hill" will return not only the Hills, but also Phillips. You can narrow a search by typing a last name, a comma, a space, and a first initial.

About the Name List: Names are presented last name first. Married names are cross-indexed as described above. If we have a picture or more information on a classmate, selecting the name will bring up the additional information. If all we have is a name, that name is not selectable. We are very interested in finding more information about these people. If you can help, please send a message to the Webmaster address on the Baker home page.

The Master Index: This function allows you to search the faculty list and all the class lists for a name. Search results will be presented faculty first, then students in class-year order, alphabetized within classes. A master index search processes a lot of data, and will take a while. Please be patient.

New Information: See the "What's New" page for links to newly-updated classmates' personal pages. The length of time a name stays on the "What's New" page depends upon how fast we receive changes. We'll try to keep the list down to a couple of screens.

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