25th Reunion - 1997

For those of you who missed the '72 reunion this weekend... what can I say... you missed a damn good time.

First off, a special thanks to the reunion committee for all of their hard work in pulling it off. Everything was great!

But a very special thanks goes to Alice Howell-Skinner's mom for providing her backwaters cabin for our use on Friday night. We probably had 50+ people there, good food, good music, plenty of drinks, and for the use of the pontoon boat for the late night swim. Thanks Mrs. H.

All in all, there were a bunch of folks on both nights, and we had a good time. The women looked stunning, and the guys... Well, the guys were just the guys. We've all added an inch or two here and there, gotten a couple of gray hairs... and lost a few hairs. But for 25 years everyone looked great.

Personally, I just enjoyed seeing everyone again after 25 years since I missed the 20 year reunion. And there were several people I hadn't seen since graduation day.

Food was ate, drinks were drank, backwaters were swam, songs were danced to (and very well by some folks), lies were told, hearts were broken and pool games were lost.

If anyone out there wants an easy game of pool... hand Kevin McDonough a drink or two, and you've got him. Alice's daughter tore his butt up on the table, but Kevin was a good sport about it.

Several people from classes before and after ours stopped by, and they joined in. So we had several years covered well.

Farthest person to show up was, Linda Willhardt-Williams and her husband... from Abu Dhabi in the middle east. We had folks from all over the country show up... Florida, Arizona, Texas, Virginai, DC, California, and several others.

Face it... if you weren't there, you missed a good one. Looks like the next one happening is the big one in 2000. Anyonewho ever attended Baker, or taught there, is invited. So start making plans for it and offer up some suggestions of when and where.

George Burns '72

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